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Hoyden About Town was begun by tigtog in September 2005. HAT offers an eclectic selection of opinion/commentary/linkage on matters which catch our eye. We speak fangeek and have long been aware of all internet traditions.

We welcome guest posters, although we have a few guidelines [» more info].

New readers should check the Commenting Guidelines before joining in the discussion. This blog moderates comments as we deem necessary, and the guidelines explain why.

  • We make no attempt to be a journal of record, and any quoted material is reproduced on the basis of the “fair dealing for purpose of criticism or review” section 41 of the Copyright Act 1968.
  • Some things we take more seriously than others: politics, feminism, parenting, health, disability, and skepticism for a start. [»more on Special Interests]
  • Recommended Reading: RSS feed modules for our other blogs and feed-readers are on the Our Other Blogs page.
  • You can find some of the images we’ve blogged on Flickr, as well as the Hoydens About! group, which readers can join and add their own photos.
  • Ways to subscribe to our posts such as RSS, LJ, DW, Facebook and Twitter (and more) are on our Subscription Options page.

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the hoydens

As the roster has increased, this section was taking up too much space, so it now has its own sub-page.
» About HAT’s authors.

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Disconcerted by the occasional foray into our national vernacular? Check out this glossary of Aussie Slang.

ObGeek: This blog is hosted by VIVidWeb Hosting, and runs on WordPress, using a customised version (by tigtog’s web service VIVidWeb) of the Hybrid theme by Justin Tadlock. The banners and background were designed by tigtog/VIVid.

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N.B. We no longer use a contact form for cybersecurity reasons. Also the blog is mostly moribund, but nonetheless please do get in touch if you want us to link to something here.

  • We are pleased to receive subject suggestions (e.g. for a Friday Hoyden?) or bask contentedly in copious worship and praise, but generally prefer to engage in discussions on the blog.
  • Remember the weekly Otterday! open threads for dropping any off-topic links that you’d like to share with Hoydenizens in general.
  • We’re open to offers of posts/crossposts from Guest Hoydens, but please read our guidelines first. Check out our Guest Hoyden archive.

NB: Pseudonyms are welcome in emails sent to us at HOYDENZ [[at]] GMAIL [[dot]] COM. We’ve never needed to do this yet, but we reserve the right to publish abusive emails and/or threats of violence in full including the IP address.
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