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Hoyden About Town was begun by tigtog in September 2005. HAT offers an eclectic selection of opinion/commentary/linkage on matters which catch our eye. We speak fangeek and have long been aware of all internet traditions.

We welcome guest posters, although we have a few guidelines [» more info].

New readers should check the Commenting Guidelines before joining in the discussion. This blog moderates comments as we deem necessary, and the guidelines explain why.

  • We make no attempt to be a journal of record, and any quoted material is reproduced on the basis of the “fair dealing for purpose of criticism or review” section 41 of the Copyright Act 1968.
  • Some things we take more seriously than others: politics, feminism, parenting, health, disability, and skepticism for a start. [»more on Special Interests]
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  • You can find some of the images we’ve blogged on Flickr, as well as the Hoydens About! group, which readers can join and add their own photos.
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the hoydens

As the roster has increased, this section was taking up too much space, so it now has its own sub-page.
» About HAT’s authors.

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Disconcerted by the occasional foray into our national vernacular? Check out this glossary of Aussie Slang.

ObGeek: This blog is hosted by VIVidWeb Hosting, and runs on WordPress, using a customised version (by tigtog’s web service VIVidWeb) of the Hybrid theme by Justin Tadlock. The banners and background were designed by tigtog/VIVid.


N.B. We no longer use a contact form for cybersecurity reasons. Also since the blog has been moribund for so long there’s hardly any point in emailing us anyway – we are no longer accepting guest posts unless in exceptional circumstances from people we already know as writers in the areas that we have previously covered extensively. We are definitely still not accepting “partnerships” from commercial entities.

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