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  • On Being Fat in Public, and Beyond Responding to Hate

    Being fat in public is, so often, a political act, but just as often it’s an almost inescapable act. As a woman of colour who is often read as white, and a queer woman in a relationship with a man, these aspects of my identity are, in many cases (though not all, because so often it’s heavily dependant upon the ‘audience’), not as front-and-centre visible. My fat, however, is always here, with me.

  • Quickhit: One Nation Victorian State President promotes gay bashing

    In things that I wish surprised me, some of the discussion has brought Victorian One Nation State President John Groves out of the woodwork, and a look at his twitter timeline not only comes up with gems like calling Julia Gillard a “redheaded itch”, but he seems to actively support “poofter bashing”.