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  • Guest Post: Why I’m shutting down the bail laws petition: lone-wolf activism reconsidered.

    Single issue petitions on websites like, and others of their ilk, tend to be focused on the simplest messages one can extract from an issue. The hardest line and most sensational language is encouraged to guarantee two things: the most possible signatures, and bountiful media coverage. On first glance that seems like a good thing, but what is missed with this push?

    My understandable, human and heartfelt response to the tragedy of the Sydney siege was all of those things, but only those things. It was informed by my own past trauma, which are legitimate parts of the conversation but not the whole of it. It was not nuanced or critiqued, and it did not engage in community consultation. I simply said aloud and formally what many were feeling, before the facts had come into play. Swept into a maelstrom of commentary and an unanticipated furious public response, I was left reeling and scrambling to begin the consultation that should have been the foundation of any campaign.

  • Every Australian Novel Ever!

    Guest Hoyden Bio: Our Guest Hoyden today is Adelaide writer, critic and editor Kerryn Goldsworthy, reproduced with permission from a post she made on Facebook.

  • Reimagining the C.W.A.

    Guest Post by Alex Skud Bayley

    …mutual support, community service, skill-building, learning about issues facing women both locally and overseas, and advocacy on behalf of women. So far so good! So why is it that, on the whole, the Country Women’s Association is so ossified?

  • Marry, Shag or Cliff? Sean Bean edition

    Remember the rules? It’s been a while: you must choose one of each of the three candidates to match each fate. No skipping any.

    Or you could just talk about your favourite entertainments, since this is just a hook to hang some pop culture on. How about this awards season, eh?

  • Moral panic stifles useful dialogue on social media “trolling”

    From work I’ve been doing for a forthcoming book on new media and Australian politics, I have some useful data that may partially inform this discussion in the form of Facebook wallposts from 600 Australians collected before this recent debate took off (late 2011). In recent days I’ve reanalysed this dataset to shed some light on the treatment of women in the social media space.

  • Utopia Girls: I’m disappointed

    a badge or button displaying the words VOTES FOR WOMEN

    Guest Blogger Alex “Skud” Bayley reviews a documentary aired on the ABC about women’s suffrage in Australia, Utopia Girls: How Women Won the Vote.

  • Friday Hoyden: Joanna Russ

    Guest post from Tansy Rayner Roberts: Joanna Russ is one of the mighty legends of the science fiction field that everyone needs to know about. As well as writing many important novels and short stories, she was a brutal literary critic, a brilliant academic, an unflinching feminist, and a devastatingly articulate commentator on gender, not only in science fiction but in the history of culture.

  • My rant on The Hunger Games

    Here be SPOILERS!!!

    I’m interested in addressing it as an instance of popular culture that again has kids tearing through books, hungry for more, at the controversy and ‘moral panic’ that it seems to be creating, and in looking at the elements of what, for me, made it something out of the league of the ‘Twilights’ of the world.

  • Being an Asexual Ally

    Being an ally means talking to people about asexuality and accepting their identity as they describe it. It means asking questions only when you’re genuinely interested in hearing the answer. If your mindset is already fixed at “I don’t quite understand x, therefore asexuality cannot be valid,” then do everyone a favour and just walk away.

  • Weekend Womenscraft: baking for AdaCamp

    The Ada Initiative, a group promoting women in open source and open culture, had their first AdaCamp in early January. In order to save some money, and because I like food to be inclusive for everyone, Brianna and I volunteered to do all the baking ourselves.