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  • Cloaking device

    I spoke to a guy in a long coffee queue to point out there was another, unused machine 3 feet away, and even bearing news of speedy caffeine, and wearing a bright red dress, I was apparently invisible.

    A woman at a tech event, unaccompanied by any men, is just too unlikely to be believed.

  • Quick Hit: The Ability to Can

    There’s a fine line between mangling one’s own language and being part of its evolution and improvement. Of course, if it’s us (whoever “us” might be), it’s definitely the latter. “I have lost all ability to can.” ….  So I… Read More ›

  • And the gold goes to….

    TW: Discussions of rape culture and child sexual abuse The 21st annual Ernie awards were held at NSW Parliament House last night, and for the first time I was there for the … festivities? It’s a fun night, but also… Read More ›

  • International Women’s Day Concert To Benefit IWDA

    A heads up from the organisers. Links to tickets sales etc at the end.
    International Women’s Development Agency (IWDA) will celebrate International Women’s Day 2013 with a concert, “Half the Sky”, at the Melbourne Recital Centre on March 7th.

  • Cultural diversity vs feminism

    Many voices

    [Cross posted at Ariane’s Little World] The global coverage of the horrific death of a woman from Delhi has certainly shone the light on the difficulties of navigating universal women’s rights in a world where cultures are not all the… Read More ›

  • Anthropomorphic Personifications

    An old Christmas postcard showing Santa holding a doll in one hand and a stick in the other. Santa is wearing a blue robe.

    There’s been a bit of the annual Twitter discussion recently about Santa Claus. Specifically about how to handle the “Is he real?” questions, and the personal and social ramifications of same.