tigtog began this blog in 2005. Most folk call her Viv – tigtog is a childhood nickname with a family story of the sort that bores non-family rigid. Viv is content to be a curmudgeon and aspires to a gleefully cantankerous cronehood.

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Viv is the founder of Finally, a Feminism 101 Blog, the editor of Gagging For It (Oz Comedy News). She also blogged as tigtog at Oz politics group blog Larvatus Prodeo from 2006 until January 2014,  at Feministe! from 2007 and was part of the administrator collective at GeekFeminism Blog. She spent several years meaning to post about sports at Sidelined, but hardly ever found the time in between webwrangling and humourless feminism. Viv generally just blogged extensively until 2016ish, when people mostly stopped reading blogs.  She still blogs once in a while, but these days you’re more likely to find her opining on Twitter @vivsmythe.

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Viv does webwrangling for hire: website design/customisation, SEO, information architecture, technical writing, proofreading – clear, simple communication online » more

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Just the Blogging

tigtog began blogging in September 2005 at the original Hoyden-About-Town. She was assimilated by the collective (especially TEH LP FEMINIST HIVEMIND) at Mark Bahnisch’s big purple blog Larvatus Prodeo in May 2006 [tigtog’s LP posts archive], and moved to this revamped hoyden-space in August 2006. Later in 2006 tigtog joined a group sports blog, Sidelined, (and has made all of one post so far). In March 2007, tigtog revitalised a moribund effort from early 2006, the Finally, a Feminism 101 Blog, to which her posting record has been rather better.

Photos of gallivanting hoydens on this blog are here for inspirational purposes only – there are no pictures of me on the sidebar. (The hoydens were originally all Emma Peel all the time, but I’ve branched out)

As I burbled on the original tigtogblog:

Diana Riggs on the Avengers setYes, that’s not me. That’s Emma Peel as portrayed by Diana Rigg: the ultimate hoyden about town, foiling diabolical masterminds with nary a drop of bubbly spilt and a cheeky glint in her eye.

tigtog once had more in common with Mrs Peel than merely rarely spilling wine, but of late has become somewhat rusticated, and now risks forgetting the meaning of the word soiree entirely.

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