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The options listed on this page are for personal subscribers only. Hoyden About Town explicitly refuses authorisation for content-aggregation sites to use our full-content-feed. Please use our excerpt-only feed for aggregation purposes. Non-compliance will lead to reporting your site as a content-scraper. (Exception granted only to National Library of Australia Pandora Web Archive)


email-subscribe Subscribe to New Posts by Email – receive an email whenever a new post is published (via Feedburner).

Individual Comment Threads: at the foot of each post (just above the text input box) is also an option to receive emailed copies of subsequent comments just for that post (you have to make a comment yourself to activate this option), or to subscribe to the comments feed in a feed reader.


Not sure what feed subscription entails? Read Auntie Beeb’s explanation.


If any of these feeds don’t work for you, please let us know.

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