Are princesses bad for girls?

This is a fabulous response from Brenda Chapman, (@brenda_chapman) one of the main writers behind Brave, whom I discovered when she started following me on Twitter (small world), where she answers the question of whether princesses are bad for girls:… Read More ›

Ad Nauseam: Huggies

(Reposted from the Balcony)     Ad transcript: (All scenes split screen) A boy toddler, dressed in bright blue, plays with a red truck. A girl, dressed in pale pink, plays with a baby doll. Boy, dressed in blue and… Read More ›

Sunday Singalong: Björk

Björk possesses a soprano vocal range, apparently. She released her first solo album at the age of 11. But we all got to know her in Australia when she was in The Sugarcubes, which was pretty much the first Icelandic… Read More ›