I’m glad he said it

This is the most-viewed article on today’s SMH online: “All religions degrade women“. AN ANGLICAN archbishop has linked Taj el-Din al Hilaly’s inflammatory comments on women with the degrading image of “the sheila” in pub culture and the failure of… Read More ›

GOP: vote because you’re scared

The GOP message basically boils down to this: We have created a world so unstable and hostile with our unbroken string of blunders and unnecessary provocations, can you really risk electing someone new who will squander two weeks learning the… Read More ›

The veil dilemma

Speaking out against the veiling of Muslim women is hugely problematic because of the way niqab has been politicised, and also because the experience of North Africa shows that when Western feminists get shrill about Islamic oppression of women it… Read More ›

Just a word?

Brooklynite offers some thoughts on what civil unions laws in the US will mean for the common language usage of “married”. Two years after the decision: “My friend Kyle got married last weekend.” “What? I thought he was gay?” “Oh,… Read More ›

Thugs on DVD

After yesterday’s initial outrage, prepare for more from today’s story: Students who knew members of the gang involved in the DVD said some were unapologetic and had laughed at the public outrage. Year 9 students at Werribee Secondary College said… Read More ›

Your badge is mine, copper

Via Feministe and Feministing: A 19-year-old prostitute feared that no one would believe her if she said an off-duty Boston police officer kept forcing her to perform sex in his car. So one night, she fled his car with a… Read More ›

Education preoccupations

An article in Thursday’s The Australian caught my eye regarding Labor backbencher Craig Emerson proposing mandatory school-based education until the completion of Year 12 for all students. The ideal of an extended education so school-leavers have more skills and knowledge… Read More ›