beauty myth

The Humbling of a Pretty Girl

To say that the outlets reporting on this think of it as a shock or a misfortune, feel really bad for Ms Scruggs, and are inappropriately sexing it up, misses the main point. There are loads of bigger stories to care about, on economies, wars, and disease. The point is that they are latching on to the most popular plot in the world: the humbling of the pretty girl.

The Barbie Distortion

[t]he media images and fashion icons that we aspire to emulate are constructions. Like billboard signs and magazine editorials, the pictures are manipulations that distort our sense of normal bodies.

Going grey

I was listening on the radio this morning, as I drove to Central Station to pick up my father (who had an appointment at RPAH for a minor procedure aimed at controlling the progression of his Paget’s Disease), to one… Read More ›