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Blogging for Choice: Trusting Women

Choice here is not just about the choice to terminate an unwanted or unsafe pregnancy. It is also about the choice to continue a pregnancy when others would rather that you did not (a situation that many disabled women in particular find themselves in). It is also about the choice to raise or relinquish the child once it has been born.

Why am I pro-choice?

The promised Blog for Choice Day post, belated. I’ve been pregnant twice, both times intended, and both my pregnancies resulted in healthy full-term babies. Both were (and continue to be) happy experiences. In the ten years of my life before… Read More ›

Blogging for choice

I’ll probably be doing a belated entry on this topic, as I’m still marshalling my thoughts (attempting to pummel them into some cogency actually) on the deceptively simple topic – why exactly am I pro-choice? Anna put up a top… Read More ›