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Blog against Racism Day

December 1st, 2005: the fiftieth anniversary of Rosa Parks’ action in Montgomery, Alabama. This was suggested by Chris Clarke, who I am fortunate enough to have been reading for years on USENet before he even started his blog. A while… Read More ›

How to win friends and influence people

Another day, another blogwar. Usually. This one’s a trainwreck. Threatened libel lawsuits, contacting doctoral advisors, attempts to “out” an anonymous blogger who has clearly stated she values her anonymity highly as a wall between her private and professional lives, and… Read More ›

Forgive me, blogosphere…

…it’s been two months since my last update. Went on holidays, had a birthday party to organise, got the flu, and had lots of weeding to do BECAUSE IT’S BEEN RAINING! CALLOO CALLAY etc etc Anyway, back to the irregular… Read More ›