class warfare

Media Circus: Is Welfare “Dependency” Really Our Greatest Social Evil? Really? Edition

Given a choice between a welfare system in which some people get money they don’t deserve but nobody dies miserably, and a welfare system in which nobody gets money they don’t deserve but people die miserably, which do we prefer?

Contrast the government’s war on welfare with the rhetoric surrounding critics of the increasing wealth gap as advocates of “class warfare”. Hmm.

What news story/commentary/analysis has grabbed your attention lately?

Roseanne Barr wants the US presidential debate back on topic #righteousrant

Roseanne Barr on Ann and Mitt Romney and the Mommy Wars: “why bring out this fake issue again now? Could it be to divert the conversation from the continued restrictions being placed on women’s reproductive rights and make us forget that both parties are socialists for their own causes…?” – and Daily Beast puts this righteous rant from a woman who is running for POTUS in the Entertainment section.