Vale Stella Young

Australian writer, comedian and disability activist Stella Young died suddenly on Saturday, December 6. I loved Stella’s writing, and I’m really sad. Goodbye Stella.

The ethics of scolding the dying

So what happens when a woman who has been blogging and livetweeting her treatment for breast cancer for many years decides to keep on livetweeting once she receives a terminal diagnosis of metastatic disease?

Columnist Emma Keller decided that it was her place to get all finger-pointy about “the ethics of tweeting a terminal illness” on the opinion pages of a prestigious international masthead, that’s what. And then NYT columnist Bill Keller (her husband) decides to tag team on the finger-pointing and double down.

Life at 1, 3, 5: disability

The Life at 1, 3 and 5 treatment of disability could have been worse with either a more tragic air or the Fighting Fat episode’s constant refrain of “risk” but that this is still a particularly problematic area for the show to be keeping its tight focus on the particular impact on the abled child when talking about family members with disabilities.

We are dying

We are dying, and apparently it’s our own damn fault. As pointed to by Deborah in the latest Otterday thread, scooter users in Australia are dying. We are dying because footpaths obstructed by cars and tree prunings and rubbish force… Read More ›

Condolences to Twisty

My condolences to Twisty on the death of her father. You really must read her magnificent post on her visit to the funeral home. Excerpts: Well, be she spinster aunt or no, I dare anybody to keep a straight face… Read More ›