Invisible Illness Bingo.

I’ve posted before on my experience with invisible disability, and linked to amandaw on the “But you don’t look sick!” phenomenon. And for further background, everyone should read the “Open Letter to Those Without CFS/Fibro” at Not Done Living. Now… Read More ›

Life without family planning

A new World Bank report warns that poor countries, wealthy donors, and aid agencies are losing sight of the value of contraception, family planning, and other reproductive health programmes in helping to boost economic growth. The report – Population Issues… Read More ›

You’re not worth it.

As Tigtog discussed while I had this post desultorily in draft (it’s school holidays here!), the Daily Telegraph has posted a followup on CityRail’s complete lack of any workable emergency evacuation plans for people who can’t walk: CityRail plan to… Read More ›

Healthist cheerleading

Disease ‘n’ disability romanticists need to read this, at Twisty’s place. Twisty has a pile of sometimes scary and always downright nasty post-cancer-treatment symptoms. I’m even hopping madder that I find myself capitulating. “So how’re you doing?” people ask me,… Read More ›

MPs shocked, utterly shocked

A cautionary tale from across the ditch: Maia, of Capitalism Bad, Tree Pretty, has a post up in the sad told-you-so category, Politicians Shocked About Predictable Consequences of their Policies. The policy in this case was New Zealand’s public health… Read More ›