National Deafblind Awareness Week

I hadn’t especially considered whether improvements could be made here for those who are Deafblind, and I have no idea (yet) what their specific needs are for web access.

It’s now on my to-do list.

Discrimination is only discrimination if you end up being sacked

The study apparently says that many people with MS put off telling their bosses (and so receiving appropriate accommodations at work, which might help them to manage their MS) because they are afraid they will be discriminated against.

Dr Simmons says that fear is unfounded, because “only 15 per cent of people [left] their jobs because they were sacked”.

A little bump in the road

Anti-immunisation doctor banned in the UK. As he is now in the US this will do little to slow him down. Appearing on NBC’s Today Show, Wakefield described the decision as “a little bump on the road.” He claimed the… Read More ›