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Whoydensday: when fans attack edition

NOTE: Spoiler Free Zone for later episodes of the Doctor Who 2008 Season – Australia has only just seen the Sontaran Double Episodes 4.04 The Sontaran Stratagem and 4.05 The Poison Sky. Everything prior to that is fair game. Torchwood Season 2 is entirely off limits for spoilers here too, please (We can always have another fans attack edition later in the year) – we do have a thoroughly spoiled Season 4 Finale thread still open though – feel free.

So, it keeps on happening (the image below recurs in various adaptations all over the ihasatardis LJ community):

What’s been your most jarring WTF moments? Conversely, what’s only crept up on you later, upon reflection or reading someone else’s take? On the gripping hand, what fan-attacks have struck you as totally unwarranted?

Spoiler thread: DWS4 finale

Just to contain any spillover from today’s Whoydensday post, which will remain spoiler-free. *Begin Spoiler Space* *Don’t click if you are avoiding spoilers for Season 4 and especially the finale* *Torchwood S2 too*