Something blue from a Biggest Morning Tea

I had the chance to remind myself of the charm of Emily’s work because I went along to a morning tea fundraiser for the Cancer Council at my second cousin’s home, which was a very pleasant few hours that flew by while drinking tea and noshing cakes with other women, and indeed went so well that we are probably going to form a book group of some sort. The Cancer Council’s target for their Biggest Morning Tea fundraiser is $11,000,000 and so far they’ve raised less than $1 million for their 2009 drive, but there’s the whole month of June to go.

I’m not worthy

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Blogplug! “Oohsome”.

Some real-life friends of mine have started a new blog project, “Ooh, I’ve got something to show you!” over at From the Welcome blurb: Oohsome has evolved out of almost daily instant message discussions between Acanthus and whoozqueen on… Read More ›