Complacency, Indifference and Intent (or lack thereof)

various nay-sayers are arguing that the upswing in attacks on Indian students can’t have anything to do with structural racism in Australia, because none of the student visa laws that push overseas students into exploitative employment situations and allow deceptive “colleges” to fleece them while isolating them from Australian-born student bodies were intended to have a racialised separatist effect

Press Release from Equality Now

Remember the RapeLay video game, written about by Melissa and Cara back in February? Equality Now has been working to persuade Japan to uphold its obligations under UN conventions with respect to material that normalises and/or promotes violence against women and girls.

Marvel Fail: rape culture apologism from writer, where the hell were the editors?

Storyline summary: villain named Chameleon takes Peter Parker’s shape and has sex with his roommate Michelle Gonzalez, who thinks he is Parker. Subsequent events show that the incident is being played for laughs with the oh so hilarious misunderstandings afterwards between Parker and roommate as she morphs immediately into a super-possessive clingy and bossy girlfriend from Nightmareland.