Germaine Greer

Louis Nowra? He has no idea what makes sexists tick

The irony within his own essay, which instead of simply engaging with Greer’s ideas includes gratuitous slams at her personal appearance, slams based on Greer eschewing these allegedly essential feminine fripperies, eludes him. Why, how could people like him mocking women who fail to delight his eye with fripperies possibly have anything to do with women’s “inherent” desire for fripperies?

What the fuck, Germaine?

Germaine Greer in The Guardian’s World News section: “If Michelle Obama’s such a great dresser, what was she doing in this red butcher’s apron?” The one sour note to resound through the jubilation at the election of Barack Obama was… Read More ›

Friday Hoyden: Germaine Greer

I found this image on this media release page at the Southern Cross University website, which uses it to illustrate promotional information for “An Evening With Germaine Greer” that took place in early 2008. I chose it because it is… Read More ›