Friday Hoydens: Margaret MacDonald and Marion Mahony

Two of the most influential figures in modern aesthetics spent decades as footnotes to the biographies of their husbands. Margaret MacDonald, wife of Charles Rennie Macintosh, and Marion Mahony, wife of Walter Burley Griffin, have in recent times begun to be acknowledged as the great artists they were.

Friday Hoyden: Artemis

With Katniss and Merida currently ruling our movie screens, this is a great year for women with a flair for archery. Certainly time, then, to give some love to the prototype arrow-wielding woman, the Greek goddess Artemis.

Giveaway: Why Study Women’s History?

“Working with college students, I often recall myself as a sophomore at Barnard College in 1966. I wanted nothing to do with women’s movements or women’s history. When my advisor, Annette Baxter, suggested that I enroll in her course on U.S. women’s history, I had the nerve to reply that I would rather study “real” history.”

In 1-3 paragraphs, how would you have responded to the young Ms Freedman, and to women like her?