Quick Hit: Latest from the Geena Davis Institute

The latest report from the Geena Davis Institute is the very detailed “Gender Roles & Occupations: A Look at Character Attributes and Job-Related Aspirations in Film and Television”. Most people are aware that women and girls are underrepresented as speaking characters in film and television, but you may still be shocked by how much.

Today in weird places my mind goes

Coming downstairs to find the sprogs watching the Star Trek reboot movie for the umpteenth time, and having my head in fanspace after reading 15 Reasons Rebooting Spider-Man Is A Really Bad Idea yesterday, this is the thought that crossed my mind (and it may have already been discussed in fandom, but I am so not googling it):

Quickhit: How Hollywood made its heroines weight-obsessed and man mad

From the Guardian/Observer:

Hollywood heroines are being increasingly portrayed as neurotic, idiotic and obsessed by men, weight and weddings, a professor at Oxford University has claimed.

Dr Diane Purkiss, who is a fellow at Keble College, argued that over the past five decades the film industry has made its female characters “dumber and dumber”. The latest slew of chick-flicks, including He’s Just Not That Into You and Confessions of a Shopaholic, fall prey to the “worst kind of regressive, pre-feminist stereotype of misogynistic cliche,” she added.

In a nutshell

Commentor caffeine over at Shapely Prose, in response to Kate’s post about a study claiming that the 30% of Caucasians with a genetic propensity to become fat can avoid putting on weight if they “just get three to four hours… Read More ›