katharine hepburn

Friday Hoyden: Katharine Hepburn

This is a repost: first published March 30, 2006 as Hepburn and Mephistopheles (before I’d got into the Friday Hoyden habit). I’ve taken this opportunity to correct my original misspelling of her given name, and I’m very happy that the website I snarked on then still exists for you to … enjoy.

Friday Hoyden: How to Hoyden Hepburn

Oh, I have enjoyed dipping into this over the last couple of weeks.

Karen Karbo has tapped into the rich vein of enduring fascination with Kate the Great, taking a delightfully fresh approach to a much examined life. She uses quotes and anecdotes from and about Hepburn judiciously and examines the implications with a fond but clarifying eye.

Last minute film alert

Tonight. 8:30 AEST. The Lion In Winter on Fox Classics. Oldie but goodie, with the older historical hoyden Eleanor of Aquitaine playing a key role (interpreted by Katharine Hepburn). Also Peter O’Toole, Anthony Hopkins, Nigel Terry and a very young… Read More ›