Remembering Anzac Day: stark lessons squandered and myths reinforced

I have little to add to these quoted comments below from Paul Norton’s Anzac Day post at LP, which focuses on the militaristic myth side of Anzac Day. As usual, there are some illiterates objecting to the use of the word “myth” as if the word means “untrue in its entirety”. The usage of “myth” when discussing recent history always, of course, nearly always refers to the meanings 2b and 2c below:

Women on the front line

Guest Hoyden Mindy also blogs for ecelectic group blog For Battle! This issue is back in the news again, with the announcement that the DSTO is looking at the combat roles available in the army, previously denied to women on… Read More ›

Lest We Forget: three images for ANZAC day

All over Australia and New Zealand, communities will gather around war memorials to remember those who have died in military service. We will listen to a speech, we will watch the laying of wreaths, we will recite the Ode to the Fallen, and we will listen to the Last Post. Later in the day we will watch those who survived, and those in service today, march to honour the dead. We will be reminded that such sacrifices should never be for unworthy causes.

Rape in the military

One of the signs of changing attitudes towards rape, and sexual coercion generally in Western society, where it is harder for men now to openly claim that rape is sometimes OK or to believe that sometimes coerced sex is not… Read More ›

Mori to do time? Unlikely.

So I turn on the tabloid TV this morning, and there’s much agitation about the possibility that Major Michael Mori, one of the military lawyers for David Hicks and a personal fave in the shyster ranks, may face charges that… Read More ›

Rainy day laffs

Settle back and prepare to giggle, guffaw and snort: 213 things Skippy is no longer allowed to do in the US Army.