Myths about alpha males redux

“Of course, even if the lupine origins of the alpha-male trope weren’t obsolete, the notion that the term can even apply to human social structures is inherently absurd.”

It Gets Better: a message from Australian comedians

I’ve long made pained expressions whenever I hear that “high school is the best years of your life” pablum expressed, and I was one of those people who did actually have a pretty good time at high school…I know now how lucky I was. After high school, LIFE GETS BETTER.

Sobering thought for the day: how many earn $250K?

US$250,000 is an important number because this the income level where the about-to-expire Bush tax cuts (that have got the Tea Party so energised) kick in, and these are the tax cuts that many people say are motivating their intent to vote Republican at the mid-term elections that will be held today.