Horrendous autism “advocacy” video

Because Kids with Autism are just that Difficult to Know and Understand, and that Huge a Burden to Real People, apparently. Also, the message is that supporting Autistic people here and now is not nearly as important as raising money for cure/prevention some many years in the future.

Michael Savage is a drongo

I could have used many harsher terms, but I was exhausted from outrage and despair after reading his latest, and couldn’t really give him my best invective. Apparently, despite decades of study from medical and childhood health professions, Michael Savage… Read More ›

Growing Up Different: Temple Grandin’s experiences with autism (and mine)

The whole article speaks to me about my experiences raising my autistic son, but this section especially:


I pulled away when people tried to hug me, because being touched sent an overwhelming tidal wave of stimulation through my body. I wanted to feel the comforting feeling of being held, but then when somebody held me, the effect on my nervous system was overwhelming.

Small itches and scratches that most people ignored were torture. A scratchy petticoat was like sandpaper rubbing my skin raw.