She’s a floorwaxer and a dessert topping!

Unilever, Unilever, Unilever. The company that brought us the marketing triumphs of Slimfast formula for fatties, and Lynx/Axe perfumed men’s body products. Now Unilever had rebranded hair-product range Suave for the noughties, with their “Pretty Mommy Movement” (retch). The catchphrases?… Read More ›

Note to SBS

A couple of old bones which cause a revision of an evolutionary timeline model (about which species coexisted with which others when) do not “cast doubt on the theory of human evolution”. All this discovery may mean is that instead… Read More ›

Slouching toward Bushism

And the police state lurches ever closer, with the SMH today reporting on proposed legislation for “New secret search powers”. The proposed powers would give police the right to execute search, seizure and surveillance under so-called “delayed notification warrants”, without… Read More ›

Piggy in the middle

Note: I analogise between racism and sexism in this post. Yes, I realise they’re not the same thing. However, I believe there are enough similarities and parallels to draw useful analogies. I was having a poke around on fora.tv, a… Read More ›

Milking it in California

Edited to add: Two other blogs have now picked up on this story. The Lactivist notes “The International Breast Milk Project in the News Again“. And MamaBear at breastfeedingsymbol.org has done some ringing around – directly to the iThemba Lethu… Read More ›

You’re not worth it.

As Tigtog discussed while I had this post desultorily in draft (it’s school holidays here!), the Daily Telegraph has posted a followup on CityRail’s complete lack of any workable emergency evacuation plans for people who can’t walk: CityRail plan to… Read More ›