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Please feel free to use these threads to natter about anything your heart desires. In our heyday these used to go up weekly, now mostly lapsed with sporadic impulsive appearances.

Otterday! And Open Thread

Start your weekend with this wee oriental small-clawed otter pup, only a few days old. She has four sisters, and they all live in Budapest. Via la doctorita. Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your… Read More ›

Otterday! And Open Thread

Today’s otter is from the Monterey Bay Aquarium, via Cute Otters. They have a new African Spotted-Necked otter baby named Ziwa, after the Swahili word for “lake” or “pond”. Ziwa will be three months old tomorrow, which is getting close… Read More ›

Otterday! And Open Thread

Dara is thought to be the only hairy-nosed otter in legal captivity. He was rescued in December, and re-homed in the Phnom Tamau Zoo. The hairy-nosed otter is endangered by hunters seeking fur, medicine, and pets, and by loss of… Read More ›


Today’s Otterday shot is via “hiker” of Clubsnap. This pair of smooth otters was snapped at the Punggol River in Singapore.