Creaky feminist gorgons, unite

We at Hoyden About Town have been tickled pink that Julia Gillard is our new second-in-command. Reviled by the now-Opposition for being “deliberately barren”, Gillard’s body, looks and fertility choices have been scrutinised and dissected by the media at least… Read More ›

So Similar

A draft I’ve had hanging around since last month: I’m trying to get these things out for some discussion even if I haven’t been able to wrap a bow around them to my entire satisfaction. Via Samara at The F-word… Read More ›

Evolutionary Psychology Bingo!

PunkAssBlog has seen a Great Need, and filled it. Evolutionary Psychology Bingo! This particular bingo card specifically addresses the antifeminist/sex-essentialist uses of evpsych. My splorf favourite? “Confusion over whether they’re rationalising polyamory or nuclear-family patriarchy, but whatever they’re rationalising, only… Read More ›