Howard’s Wedge

Or, as Kim has named it, Tampa 2007. Prime Minister John Howard has announced a sweeping authoritarian plan of managing indigenous communities in the Northern Territory, with the stated purpose of combatting the horrifying rates of child sexual abuse amongst… Read More ›

What about the sex workers?

I want to examine two points I’ve noted are repeatedly raised by anti-feminists, and both ignore certain realities of sex work. The first argument is against the idea that the gender gap in pay either exists, or, if it does… Read More ›

Domestic abuse

A great post from a survivor of an abusive marriage, addressing the issue of “why do women stay?” and how responses to a survivor are often just victim-blaming instead of true support.

Wheels grinding slowly

Good news from India – a new law gives broad protections to women against domestic violence, specifically including the special violence that results when trying to get a larger dowry payment from the bride’s family. The framers of the new… Read More ›

Wealth and justice in Orange County

The only reason these young men ever came to trial is that they not only videotaped their gang-rape and foreign object assault of their unconscious 16-year-old schoolmate Jane Doe, but they showed the tape to friends at parties to brag of what they’d done.