reproductive rights

Eyeroll du jour: Dawkins Dawkins Dawkins

Don’t have time to delve deep on uber-atheist Richard Dawkins tweeting on the ethics of abortion with no reference at all to the person in whose womb the pregnancy would be happening, thought I’d let you at it.


Friday Hoyden: Constance Johnson

Women’s reproductive rights are under threat everywhere in the US. In the state of Oklahoma, the “Personhood Bill” is aimed not only at abortion, but at some forms of contraception.

Melinda Tankard Reist doesn’t speak for me

It appears MTR is the Feminist of the Moment for the mainstream media. And a large part of her appeal, it seems to me, is that feminism, as she defines it, is a conservative, bourgeois feminism, threatening to specified corporate interests – she’s done good work with Collective Shout and her opposition to the pornification of little girls in general – but generally unthreatening to entrenched patriarchal systems.