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Here be SPOILERZ!!1!

Ok, you Who addicts, have at the 2008 Christmas episode. The pictures below are TEASERS, not SPOILERS, as they were all released by the BBC as promo shots before the episode was aired there. David Morrissey, Dervla Kirwan & Cybermen,… Read More ›

Friday Hoyden: How to Hoyden Hepburn

Oh, I have enjoyed dipping into this over the last couple of weeks.

Karen Karbo has tapped into the rich vein of enduring fascination with Kate the Great, taking a delightfully fresh approach to a much examined life. She uses quotes and anecdotes from and about Hepburn judiciously and examines the implications with a fond but clarifying eye.

Spoiler alert: Book Review HP7 whaddayareckon?

Plot spoilers will appear in this discussion for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Don’t read any further unless you already know plot twists or if you don’t care whether you learn plot twists. If you are subscribed to comments here using RSS, you should probably treat that feed most warily until you finish the book.

Review: Exit The King

I was fortunate enough to step into a seat for the sold-out season of this play when my Belvoir St Theatre-subscribing friend C’s friend C was too ill to make it. How lucky was I? Geoffrey Rush on stage in… Read More ›

Hell yeah yippiekayyay!

I saw the trailer for Die Hard 4.0 this evening, while waiting to watch Noise (which was excellent, and more of that anon). The stunts highlighted are delightfully over the top, and Bruce Willis looks older but harder and meaner,… Read More ›