sack kyle and jackie o

What a pair of fucking wankstains

Kyle and JackieO reneged on a promise to donate money to a sick kid.[…]Indeed, if Austereo were a company that had any true feeling of public responsibility towards the listeners that make it millions through a formula that relies on regular tugging of the heartstrings alongside that tacky junk, then they would have had a standing arrangement in place with one of the major banks for such donation appeals for years now.

Quickhit: victim-blaming a 12 year old

I’ve just put up a post over at Sack Kyle & Jackie O that addresses some of the questions being asked about whether the whole scandal still matters now that “Rachel” asked police last week to not investigate further and now the claims by family members on last night’s A Current Affair that she wasn’t raped, that the sex was “consensual”. A 12 year old, passed out drunk while at a party she’d lied about going to, had consensual sex with a (not much) older boy with other people in the room, according to them. So why didn’t any of those other people stop it?

Media Watch does K&J

Media Watch made a point of showing the way that K&J trade in humiliation to the point of cruelty as part of their exploitation of their audience’s voyeuristic side. You can watch the Media Watch segment, read the transcript or… Read More ›