sex education


This is a Summer Slowdown Guest Post (thanks QoT!) – a repost of a blog post from earlier this year. Clearly the media meme of the month is “won’t someone think of the children, and the imaginary innocence we ascribe to them in order to justify our lack of openness about basic anatomy because it’s ~icky~?”

Ladies Handbook: ” The terrible results which follow the unlawful exercise of the reproductive function may be quite plainly pointed out…”

Another instalment in the Ladies’ Handbook series. The initial post is here. This instalment continues Chapter IV, “Sex Physiology and Hygiene“. Here you can see masturbation-aversion, awful advice on interfering with childrens’ genitals, the magical thinking of today’s abstinence-only education… Read More ›

How to reduce teen pregnancies

Teen Pregnancy Decline: Teenage pregnancy rates continue to drop in Hackney, new figures reveal. The Office of National Statistics shows the number of teenage pregnancies has dropped by 28 per cent since 1998, compared with a national average of 13… Read More ›