sex workers

Because an injured sex worker is just hilarious

UPDATE: OK, it looks like I misheard this one. The story wasn’t about a sex worker at all, it was about a public servant seeking worker’s compensation for an injury sustained during a sexual encounter at a work-related conference. This does put a different perspective on the joke and the reaction.

Prostitution: regulation, exploitation and death

prostitution is literally killing women, by murder more than any other cause, and a whole heap of people simply don’t care.

No other industry with a comparable mortality rate is unregulated by the state, and in none of those industries would the workers be allowed to sign away their basic health and safety guarantees in order for more pay. Employers who try to coerce miners or firefighters to go into work without adequate safety measures are quite rightly prosecuted and socially condemned, yet the workplace death rate of those professions combined does not match just the homicide rate amongst prostitutes, let alone the death rate once drug overdoses are taken into account.