social inclusion

Friday Hoyden: Yvonne Brewster

Director Yvonne Brewster founded Britain’s most prominent Black theatre company, Talawa, in 1986, in order to produce work that showcased actors from a diversity of racial backgrounds, who were not getting the work they should have been in the large, subsidised theatres.

It Gets Better: a message from Australian comedians

I’ve long made pained expressions whenever I hear that “high school is the best years of your life” pablum expressed, and I was one of those people who did actually have a pretty good time at high school…I know now how lucky I was. After high school, LIFE GETS BETTER.

Moronic twits and clap-trap

Daily Telegraph columnist Anita Quigley is shrill in her Saturday column about a Sydney pre-school which has introduced a curriculum which is friendly to non-traditional homosexual and transgender families. She’s “a strong advocate for a factual and concise sex curriculum… Read More ›