BFTP – Friday Hoyden: reading in public

This post is part of our Summer Slowdown repost series, and is revisited in solidarity with 15 year old Reddit user Lunam: comments on the original version of this post in October 2008 showed how often a dim view is taken of women reading in public.

Beats me

Ganked from comments at Sadly, No!. On July 18, 2008 at 18:47, Percy ‘Mad Dog’ Plumflute said, Poster on the global warming “hoax” thread: I believe the only reason we’re in a cooling period is as a result to the… Read More ›

Autumn in the mountains

Shots from Mother’s Day lunch in the Lower Blue Mountains. Below are close-ups of part of the view from their back verandah. [first image of the series in the Flickrstream] [slideshow] The cold snap the last week and the mellower… Read More ›

Our wonderful neighborhood

click on picture for larger image at APOD As regular readers know, I adore the Astronomy Picture of the Day site, and I have it as the homepage of my browser so I see every picture. This was yesterday’s, a… Read More ›