Day: 2006-02-12

Sunday, Darwin Sunday

Happy Darwin Day! Today is Darwin’s birthday, and many American churches are having an Evolution Sunday to sermonise about the harmony that can exist between faith and science. I recommend hieing thee to Pharyngula, where PZ will undoubtedly mark the… Read More ›

High-school homophobia

So my son, who turns 13 in a few months, started in high-school last week. This week, a class was disrupted when the teacher left for five minutes and a scuffle broke out between two boys. One boy had been… Read More ›


My poor friend oddprofessor is horrified. I tried to game this one a few times, hoping for Patrick Stewart, but I kept on getting: Your Daddy Is Ozzy Osbourne What You Call Him: Pops Why You Love Him: He’s your… Read More ›