Day: 2007-06-30

Are you in on the joke?

Guest post by blue milk (who knew there was so much to say on feminist motherhood?) where this is being cross-posted. Spare a thought for advertising executives. Imagine trying to write a TV advertisement for chicken? Actually wait it gets… Read More ›

Weekend Wobot: Woomba

Hot on the heels of floral-soaked feminine hygiene products everywhere comes Woomba, taking the hard work out of women’s business. A miniature disc-shaped robot, Woomba is pink (of course), sensor-equipped, and fully-automated. Set and forget! (if the Youtube link doesn’t… Read More ›

Weekend wittering

FFS, world meeja, just quit whining about covering stories that involve a certain celebutante, will ya? Stop arguing when other journos want to put the stories through the shredder. I used to do some snarking on celebs here at Hoyden,… Read More ›