Month: June 2007

Sex ed – the facts

Further to Lauredhel’s post about a UK judge’s strange views on the sexual precocity of a 10 year old girl, which became a discussion on young people and sexuality (and the negatives of viewing adolescent sexual experimentation through a lens… Read More ›

Tell me boys and girls

How much do we hate people who don’t program bandwidth auto-notification emails properly? For the last few days I have been receiving ever more frequent missives telling me that I had used 80% of my allocated bandwidth for the month…. Read More ›

Konkokted Kreationist Krap

This would be side-splittingly hilarious if it wasn’t so evil. A digg-er spotted this scan of a restaurant children’s menu: Front Back Alongside the cheeseburgers and corndogs is a list of “DiNoSaUr FuN fAcTs”! These include: “The most up to… Read More ›

Dear regular commentors

Fancy popping up a guest post or two at Hoyden next week? I’ve got school holiday shenanigans to cope with, and won’t have as much time to write next week (or the week after, come to that). Posts don’t have… Read More ›