Month: March 2008

Carnival Against Sexual Violence

The 42nd Carnival against Sexual Violence is up at abyss2hope. There are posts on legal issues, a media watch section, and posts on personal stories, raising awareness, recovery, research, and solutions. Check it out.

About time

Today’s Australian: A NATIONAL system of registration for doctors is being finalised by federal, state and territory governments, which will help prevent cases such as that of Jayant Patel in Queensland and the “Butcher of Bega” in NSW. Federal Health… Read More ›

A modest proposal

A woman-shaped plot hole All of the many, I say many, people who read this and failed to appreciate its genius, especially those who failed to read any of the other comments before adding their own*, should be held up… Read More ›

Recent improvements in my cooking

It’s ages since I did some cooking-blogging. I really regret not taking pictures of some recent dishes, especially the Seafood pizza I made. I’ll take a pic next time, I promise. obtain premium marinara mix from the local fishmonger (never… Read More ›