A modest proposal

Gaping plot hole
A woman-shaped plot hole

All of the many, I say many, people who read this and failed to appreciate its genius, especially those who failed to read any of the other comments before adding their own*, should be held up as horrible warnings seeing as they have signally failed at setting a good example. I am, sadly, failing to come up with a satisfactory scheme that contains the requisite snark, schadenfreude and surrealist hyperbole.


*Does anyone else hate comments threads that show the newest comment first? Sure in this case it makes it more humorous that the kneejerkers haven’t read previous corrections to iterations of the same idiocies, but generally: doesn’t it seem like a bad idea?

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  1. Geez, I’ve been using quotes from this piece as sig quotes for at least 2 and possibly three years. Except back then it was at http://www.pointlesswasteoftime.com/film/50reasons.html
    Paul Tomblin’s last blog post..Ethical dilemma

  2. Ah, I knew some of it seemed familiar!

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