Day: 2008-04-25

McCain prefers the injustice of the status quo to “more lawsuits”

Republican Senator John McCain, campaigning through poverty-stricken cities and towns, said he opposes a Senate bill that seeks equal pay for women because it would lead to more lawsuits.

Senate Republicans killed the bill on Wednesday night on a 56-42 vote that denied the measure the 60 votes needed to advance it to full debate and a vote.

xckd stupid

Just when xkcd does something good, they start blundering around in a sexist haze. Because women who get restraining orders are all dishonest, conniving bitches who are just out to make your life difficult. Cue Bingo commenters. Go on, who… Read More ›

Lest We Forget: three images for ANZAC day

All over Australia and New Zealand, communities will gather around war memorials to remember those who have died in military service. We will listen to a speech, we will watch the laying of wreaths, we will recite the Ode to the Fallen, and we will listen to the Last Post. Later in the day we will watch those who survived, and those in service today, march to honour the dead. We will be reminded that such sacrifices should never be for unworthy causes.