Day: 2009-05-04

You know what I hate?

Because our public health measures that are in place to contain infectious outbreaks before they go pandemic appear to be working well in the case of swine flu (just as they did in the last media panic about bird flu… Read More ›

Sometimes one WTF? is not nearly enough

This is a very depressing example of a journalist being entirely taken in by an anti-vaccination crank, Dr. Mayer Eisenstein, spruiking his snake-oil at the U.S. Autism & Asperger Association’s regional conference on Saturday in Cherry Hill, Jersey.

Uncovering women paedophiles

The past experience has been, too often, that their reports of abuse have been not just disbelieved but scorned, and female paedophiles have been left with unfettered access to future victims. The article is a sober and balanced piece, and the selected comments from survivors of abuse from women perpetrators are heartbreaking.

A large part of this societal disbelief regarding sexual abuse by women is of course gendered stereotypes about the passive nature of female sexuality and the supposedly innate caring capacity of women that is meant to make women incapable of such behaviour.

“Mens sana in corpora sano”

I’m reading “Enforcing Normalcy”, by Lennard J Davis. The second chapter, “Constructing Normalcy”, talks about the development of the concept of “normal” in European/American culture, mostly from the seventeenth century onwards. On page 37-38, he talks about early twentieth century… Read More ›