Day: 2009-08-08

Diplomacy, Kid-Style

We were planning to start watching some Star Trek. Lad: Do they have laser guns? Me: Let me think. Yes, they do have laser guns of some sort. Blasters, I think they call them. And they’ve got communicator devices, and… Read More ›

Meta: stoush

I’ve moved my comments responding to Linda here because otherwise it is derailing Helen’s thread. This is for the record, it’s combative and not particularly edifying, but for the sake of transparency it’s being published and can be discussed by… Read More ›

Otterday! And Open Thread.

Today’s otter is brought to you by “Eric”, via Sea Otter Scoop: The Official Blog of the Otter Project. The Otter Project exists to promote the rapid recovery of the California sea otter, an indicator of near shore ocean health,… Read More ›