Day: 2011-03-15

Guest Post: The All Bodies Directory

Today’s Guest Hoyden is Frances, from the fat acceptance advocacy blog Corpulent.

Going to get something as simple as a check-up, a consultation or a pap smear can be a hugely stressful event for a fat person. However, there are good health care professionals out there. There are doctors that will treat a fat person without demonising their fat body. But it’s hard to know where to look.

In light of this, I’ve set up the All Bodies Directory…

Q&A – counterpoints, ambush and ripostes

Her responses to questions about the Allan Jones Ju-Liar episode, the outrage regarding carbon pricing and the latest round of Rudd being out of control claims were calm yet sharp and where possible good-humoured without being flippant.

Then came the Julian Assange video question. Is it really the place of the national broadcaster to set up an ambush effort that network tabloid current affairs programs would be dubious about?