Month: July 2011

Dear Tony Abbott

This is what carbon dioxide detectors look like before a technician puts them into a nice portable case with a meter attached. You can order one online for less than US$20.

Friday Hoydens: Galactic Suburbia

I suspect some of you know about Galactic Suburbia already (Hi!), but do you all?

Galactic Suburbia is an Australia feminist speculative fiction podcast, hosted by three switched-on, outspoken, insightful women:

Shows us your cats

Image: Tacocat I highly recommend “Sexist Queers” by Bree McKenna over at the Stranger about the expectations placed on feminists by their own community and the sexism of music media: I’ve always wanted to write a review of a dude… Read More ›

Mothers working, not the end of the world

Conducted by researchers at University College London, it surveyed 19,000 British households to determine how parental employment affects a child’s behaviour throughout the first five years of life.

The results will startle those who think that children benefit from having a stay-at-home mum. In fact, the paper indicates that maternal employment can often improve the chances of having well-adjusted kids.

Farewell Margaret Olley

Margaret Olley died today. She was 88 years old. One of Australia’s most distinguished painters and supporters of young and emerging artists, Olley was made a Member of the Order of Australia in 1991. She spoke openly about her efforts to overcome both alcoholism and then later in life depression …