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Items of interest come across recently in my feed-reader. What did I miss? Leave your own interesting links in comments. Shameless self-promotion entirely welcome!
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  • Fatness and Rob Ford – Shameless Magazine – your daily dose of fresh feminism for girls and trans youth
  • – “Rob Ford is fat. And because Rob Ford is fat, much of the criticism he receives, from otherwise progressive-minded folks, is tinged (or outright doused) with fatphobia.” – WARNING ON COMMENTS – THE FATPHOBICS ARE OUT IN FORCE

  • Maria Sveland on Feminism | FiveBooks | The Browser
  • – “The feminist author chooses liberating literature for women, from Virginia Woolf to Erica Jong. She says that men still don’t share equal responsibility in the home, and that life after divorce is easier”

  • Stop putting bathing suit pictures on Facebook, you trollops.
  • – “But look, if dudes see women as not-quite-human, what you wear isn’t going to change that. And if it does change it, then dude has a problem. Why do you want to hang out with a guy who sees you as a “full human being” only so long as you’re wearing a loose floor-length skirt and an oversize turtleneck?”

  • Nope
  • – “Telling people to “smile” and/or “laugh” is not, in fact, nice.”

  • Dan Savage To Rick Santorum: "I Displayed Remarkable Restraint."
  • – Dan Savage wins this one

  • Georgia Rep. Bobby Franklin Found Dead
  • – “I’m too pissed off about the revisionist history bullshit that the media is pulling with this guy to comment on those things. People are saying that he was kind, gentle, principled and that he was a great man. Fuck that. This is a man who wanted to demand proof of natural miscarriage from women, which is not that easy to prove. He wanted to restrict women’s right to exercise their reproductive freedom. This is a man who demeaned victims of rape. He didn’t want gays openly serving in the military, or getting married. This is not kind, gentle, or great. I don’t know why it’s okay to speak ill of the dead in some cases, but there’s the urge to silence those who are calling out the shit in this case. His ideals and policies, what he wanted for the US, were no better than the Taliban. But somehow, for no good reason, he’s being propped up as an amazing man and politician.”

  • A Feminist Visits Comic-Con
  • – “One thing that struck me over the course of the weekend is how quickly it starts to feel “normal” to see women’s bodies on fetishized display. If I, a card-carrying feminist, become somewhat immune over the course of four days, what does the constant onslaught of female sexual objectification in the wider culture do to people over years?”

  • Pirates Have Seized the Ship of State
  • – “These G.O.P. pirates, yielding to their Tea Party cronies, are giving us a non-choice: We throw everyone overboard who isn’t traveling in first-class or we all walk the plank of debt default.”

  • Norway Massacre: Anders Breivik’s Deadly Attack Fueled by Hatred of Women – The Daily Beast
  • – “Anders Breivik used anger against women to cast himself as a crusader, believing feminism is destroying the West from the inside and creating space for Islamism, says Michelle Goldberg.”

  • Economic News About Wealth
  • – “If the value of your house drops by 40%, and all your wealth is tied up in its equity, what happens to your wealth?”

  • inside the mind of a gender traitor
  • – “The way I am saying all this may make it seem as though the gender traitor is self-aware of what is going on, as if she says to herself “I will trade friendship for my respect of other women”, but that isn’t what is going on at all. She believes everything she says, she just doesn’t pause to examine the troubling aspects of her behavior, or her “friends”, long enough to notice the dynamic at work.”

  • All those wizards and dragons
  • – “A particular sub-branch of fantasy is now what most people associate with it as a whole. That is a shame, considering that of all the forms of fiction, fantasy is the least deserving of this sort of reductive thinking, with plenty more to offer than just wizards and dragons. “

  • How 38 Monks Took on the Funeral Cartel and Won – Conor Friedersdorf – National – The Atlantic
  • – Carpenter monks want to sell simple, solid wooden caskets without the standard funeral home markup. The State of Louisiana doesn’t want them to. Will this end up setting a Supreme Court precedent?

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  1. When a black teen, also a single mother, scores the highest GPA in her Arkansas high school, the school insists on appointing a white kid as their co-valedictorian, because honouring her along would be “a big mess.” Natch.

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