Day: 2012-06-17

Sunday Singalong: Dolly Parton

Look at Dolly Parton in her Mad Men era, isn’t she beautiful? Parton is famous for her sly winking ‘dumb blonde’ routine but she is obviously incredibly talented as a recognised and award-winning singer-songwriter, a multi-instrumentalist, actor and philanthropist –… Read More ›

Some useful things you might teach your children in our rape culture

This particular nugget comes from Pharyngula, where a post from PZ addressing rape culture led to a predictable influx of the usual victim-blaming rape myths as if they were commensense truths, leading to a predictably forceful pushback from the Pharyngulites, who do not let that crap stand. If readers would like to add their own favourite links addressing rape myths/culture in comments, I’d really like to see them.