You might well think that…

FX: beat – all together now: …but I couldn’t possibly comment! Yes! My family got me the complete Francis Urqhart trilogy on DVD for Xmas, also the Firth-Ehle Pride and Prejudice mini-series, and the 1st season of Black Books. Hugs… Read More ›

Growing Up

My boychild just went off to his Year 6 Farewell Formal i.e. the boys wear a collared smart casual shirt (this is Oztraya after all), and the girls wear heels, makeup, buy a new dress and have their hair done… Read More ›

Support the EFFAMIN Now!

That’s the Elf Freedom Foundation Against Monstrously Infantilising Names. Please, we desperately need your help. Can you live with yourself if poor enslaved elves at the North Pole have to go through a freakishly long life with names such as… Read More ›

Yesterday was really hot.

39 degrees Celsius in the shade at 6pm hot. Bringing the kids home from school we had the great debate about personal cooling systems. Boychild thought a system of flexible piping wrapped around the body with cool water circulating would… Read More ›

PH3@r m3!!!!!1!!

… and my L33T G@rD3n0r skillz!!!!11! Last night, I’ll have you know, I won Third Place (tied) in the Front Garden category of my local council’s annual Spring Garden Competition. Mwahahahahahahahaha!!!!!1! My neighbour across the road, who won first place… Read More ›