Iconic Trifecta

Slouch hats, Harbour Bridge and Opera House… …all it needs is a bloody koala. It’s a shame the boys with the big guns were in the shade while the morning sun was bouncing so brightly off the Opera House, because… Read More ›

Breaking rules since 1963

Apparently, even before his birth, my nickname not only broke all the rules of tig but my very existence as a tigtog supports the exploitation of Elijah Wood’s trusting nature. Who knew? “No, Elijah, you can’t tig on a tog,… Read More ›

New cartoon concept

I have been laid semi-low by the dreaded lurgy this week, making me more churlish than my usual charming self, resulting in dialogue such as the following: tigtog: “I’m still feeling icky and woozy, so I’m going to have a… Read More ›

Tragedy of the Closet

There’s been a lot of ink and electrons devoted to Brokeback Mountain, but here’s what I think is the best review (major plot spoilers alert)- An Affair to Remember from the New York Review of Books’ Daniel Mendelsohn, pointing out… Read More ›

Our PM’s higher purpose

Shamelessly stolen from Billy Connolly (paraphrased): “John Howard’s only use is to show us what Harry Potter will look like when he’s old” – Enough Rope, ABC Australia Feb 20, 2006 After the defeat of Lord Voldeshort, Harry struggled to… Read More ›

Prostitots and babywhores

I blogged a while back about the disturbing trend of sexualised dolls as toys for little girls. There’s a very interesting article in the SMH on Turning Girls Into Eye Candy. “We can’t allow marketers to colonise this nor should… Read More ›


The Tigling, who just turned 11 last October, is now officially taller than me. I didn’t overtake my mum until I was 14. She’s also taller than the Togster who turns 13 in May. They just take after different sides… Read More ›